Thursday, June 2, 2011

The side effects that the digital life is having on your real life.

The side effects the digital world has on me is very light. Yes, I have a phone, Yes I have a laptop and yes I have a Facebook account, but they do not hinder my activities. I use my phone on a daily basis, including while I'm in school. This does not distract me from getting my education, because I know that getting my education is way more important than using my phone. I text only when I'm done with my work in class. Many of my friends can not go a week without a phone or getting on Facebook, and that is sad.
I have went months without having a phone. Yes, it is challenging when you are used to friends texting and calling you every five minutes, but I had to realize what is more important, and that's what teens do not do. Your priorities come before anything. Not having a phone does not kill you. Think about it,if e did not have phones, televisions, computers etc, what would we be doing? Everyone would either be into books more or outside having fun. The education level would raise.
Their are to many distractions int he world that distracts everyone from their daily activities. When I see statuses on Facebook about other teens having fun while I am at home, I think of thing that ca occupy my time while I am inside. Their is no reason to get jealous about simple things. I do sometimes stop studying or stop homework to check a text but I do not reply until I'm done with my homework etc. My homework is more important than a text message. Nothing is more important than my education.

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