Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Question of the Day: Watch the Video Above. Read : Whose Fault Is It if a Child Is Failing in School?Write 3 paragraphs on your blog that support your opinion. (100 points). Tell us how you feel about the notion of punishing parents if their children are failing in school. Which of the proposals described in the article, if any, seem sensible to you? That is, should parents be graded, as has been proposed in Florida; forced to do school volunteer work, as has been proposed in Indiana; fined if children are truant, as is currently done in Alaska; or forced to attend parenting classes if the child is in a gang, as currently done in California? What complications might judging parents in any of these ways raise?

When you have a student failing in school their are many approaches you take to help that child. Teachers offer tutoring & extra help to improve the childs grade/s. Now if a students is failing becaus eof being late or absent to school theres not so much you can do. All a teacher can do is send home a letter or make a phone call.
Personally i believe that it is the students fault. Yes soemtimes you get to school a little late but you know that you have to get your work regardless. You can not always put the blame on the parents becaus ethey do not attend school with their child/ren. They are they thinking their children is at school getting an education while their at work.
You can ot judge parents parenting skills because you dp not know what goes on in their household, and you are not apart of their familiy.All you can do is help every step of the way to improve that childs grades etc.

Question of the Day: Read: Computer Games, Cell Phones Put Children at Risk of Joint Pain Children who play computer games and use cell phoainnes for long periods are at risk of serious wrist and finger pains, according to US experts. Health ... Cellphones Boost Health Across Globe Still think cellphones are bad for your health? In the poorest regions of the world they have the potential of saving millions of lives, a fact that far ... Do you think using cell phones too much is bad for our physical or mental health? Why?

Yes cell phones are bad for your health, they cause radiation, and can cause damage to your joints in your arms and your hands. I think that we should use phones less often.Usage of a phone is bad for your physical and mental health.

Question of the Day:What device or devices do you prefer to use to access the Internet? Why?

I prefer to use Google over a computer, it is much easier to type on a keyboard than on your phone in my perspecive. The internet is faster than many phones also.

Question of the Day: Do you think it is important to follow technology news? Why or why not?

Yes it is important to follow technology news because you get to know what is new and what exciting things technology has in store for the future.

Question of the Day: Watch the Video Above. How do you feel about devices that track your every move? Is this a good thing or an invasion of your privacy? Would this stop you from using these devices?

i don't think that the device tracks your every move. it just comes to where u want it to come or go. i think that it is not an invasion of space.if it was an invasion of privicy that would give me a second thought about using it.

Question of the Day: How can lettering be used to create titles and sound effects? Create a sound effect, titles or buttons using http://cooltext.com/ add it to your blog. You can add them to your

They can be used on websites and ect. This can make a project more exciting.

Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Logo

Question of the Day: What technology or technology devices do you rely on? How and why do you use the technology that you use? Write a caption that introduces the technology you use and the way you use technology. (Include this caption in your technology project.)

I rely on the internet and my cellular device. I need both of them for communication and my education.
Technology Caption:"Have you ever needed something that you could not leave without?."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Question of the Day: How does technology affect the thinking patterns of the teenagers of today?

I do not think that technology affects they way teenagers think. I think that some of the techniques they use while on the computer they think they can use while writing or outside off the computer. For example the way individuals write, is the same way they text or write on the computer.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite technology device that you have? What do you use it to do? Are you happy with this device or is there something better you wish you had?

My favorite technology device is my cellular phone. That's my baby, I go everywhere with it. I use it to communicate with people by texting and talking on the phone. Also using the internet. I can not go anywhere without my phone. I am very happy with my device, and would not change anything.

Question of the Day: "Headphones or No Headphones" You are listening to an iPod or mp3 player. Someone starts a conversation with you. What is the proper etiquette for wearing your headphones or ear-buds? Should you remove them or can you wear them during the conversation? Explain your answer.

When someone is conversing with you, you should always take your headphones off or ear buds. Its the correct manners to take them off. You should always respect people while having a conversation by not taking off your headphones is being disrespectful.

uestion of the Day: "Musical Enhancements" How does music help to enhance a presentation project?

Music helps make your project more interesting. It makes it more lively, and brings more attention to your presentation.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Question of the Day: What do you think are the long term effect of wearing ear-buds and listening to music constantly? What can you do to help prevent any negative effects?

When constantly wearing ear buds this can affect your hearing, especially if the music is loud,blasting in your ear.You can prevent this by not wearing ear buds, and sometimes wearing headphones instead or just listening to music with anything in your ears. Also make sure that the music is at a low volume so it can not affect your ears.

Question of the Day: "Music and Technology"How has technology changed the way people listen to music? What are the pros and cons of these changes?

Technology has made a dramatic change on they way we listen to music. Some years ago we could only listen to music if we played an instrument, then they put music on the television, next they made radio and played music on there. Recently technology has created cd players also known as walk-man. Now you can listen to music on the computer,and download it onto your phone,and ipod etc. Technology has improved they way we listen to music, it has made it evern easier for us to find songs, and lyrics to the song.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Question of the Day: Tablets that take orders, entertain guests and accept check payments are coming to a table near you. What do you think are the pros and cons of using tablets at restaurants and other retail stores? How do you think this will affect you both as a patron and a worker?

The pros of this new invention is that the tablet will make it easier or the workers to serve customers. The cons are they will be become lazy and a customer can easily get away without paying for the service. So this is good but at the same time this is will be an extremely easy job for workers. They just have to make sure the customers pay and etc.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Question of the Day: What do you think is the difference between the Internet and cable/satellite TV? How are these similar? Do you think that these and other technologies will converge?

the difference between internet and cable/satellite television is one is on the computer and one is on television. They are both runned by electricity and satellite. As technology grows their will be better satellite and internet connection.

Question of the Day: The way someone tells a joke is as important as the joke itself. This is comic timing. How is this timing related to the way you present the information in your project? Is the timing of your presentation important? How can the timing enhance your presentation? Defend your answer.

That statement is correct. When you are presenting a project usually have a certain amount of time to give out the information, so the night before you should always have a index card or just go over the most important things in the project. No one wants a presenter who does not know what they are talking about and has to look at the project every minute. Always be prepared and have good eye contact.

Monday, May 2, 2011