Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Question of the Day: Write a three paragraph essay about social networking.

Social Networking is communicating with your peers through the internet, or text messaging. Social Networking is used for fan pages, support groups, and community or organizations for school etc. Social networking can have a good and bad affect on your life.
The good affects are you meeting new people, communicationing with them. Social networking allows you to connect with individuals out of the state or even the country. The bad affects are talking to strangers, becoming addicted etc. Social networking affext everyone. Facebook for example was originally for advertising & business purposes. The young adilts turned it into a website to upload pictures, gossip, and meet new friends. This affects lives 24/7.
The way people talk online or write, are completely different from they way they write on paper. Most people use slang online. For example a fraud could start online and something may have been said or written about a person and online wars could start. The online war could continue into the individuals meet up and began a brawl. I completely agree with the article. Social networking has its good and bad affects.

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